Her portraits are an interest and curiosity about the person who stands in front of her. She loves to get connected with the people she portray. Most of her portraits are children and young adults. Sandra believes that they don’t wear social mask. They are pure. In this society people still do not show everything of themselves. They often wear social masks that conceals their actual thoughts. Our society encourages the wearing of masks. Masks are socially acceptable. They adapt to their environment, to their role they have at that moment. By not showing their true face, they can protect themselves not to get hurt. They don’t want to show their weakness. That makes them vulnerable and fragile.


But Sandra wants to show the vulnerability. She believes that being yourself is a not a weakness, but powerful. It is very important for her to visualize the real character of the persons. She believes it is important that they can develop their own indentity. That they can be themselves. In her photography she is looking for that moment where people forget their mask. Besided vulnerability her portraits are also characterized by serenity, emptiness, fragility and stillness. Her images have a calm atmosphere.



She also likes to go out on the street with her camera. Sandra is completely relaxed through street photography. Important for her is to capture the real life. At the street she sees the moment she wants to capture. A moment that actually happens. It is pure and realistic. Her streetwork often resembles a still from a film.